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Get It on Camera

May 31, 2017 05:19PM ● By Pamela Hammonds

There’s a new camera on the market that has everybody talking, and if Dad is a videography enthusiast, he’ll want to hear what people are saying. The 360fly has catapulted 360-degree filming to an all-new height with the 360fly 4K HD Video Camera and accompanying Livit mobile software app, allowing him to capture a video and then send the footage straight to the app on his phone. Although 360fly has manufactured previous versions of the 360-degree camera, the 4K HD adaptation produces by far the best quality images.

This tech gadget has a brilliantly designed, orb-inspired body casing that is lightweight, extremely durable and waterproof in depths up to 130 feet. Whether Dad is perfecting his cannonball in the backyard pool or snorkeling in the Caribbean, it’ll capture any underwater adventure. The compact camera can be mounted to virtually any surface, whether you stick it on a skateboard, surfboard or bike helmet. It’s designed with a quarter-inch screw on the bottom for a tripod and other mounting accessories, some of which are magnetic for easy point-of-view shooting as well as overall swivel maneuverability. With this device, users have the option to shoot first-person point of view, 360-degree shots or time-lapse filming. Think of the lens as a fly’s eye: Multiple visual receptors capture imagery at 50 frames per second, and with 360fly’s Livit software, the result is an incredibly realistic, crisp and exciting 360-degree video experience.

Once Dad has captured 4K video of himself shooting a massive curl on his surfboard or witnessing an incredible view of New York City from atop the Empire State Building, he’ll probably want his social media followers to know about it. The 360fly 4K makes it easy. He can edit and share videos in less than two minutes. The camera comes with its own editing software, 360 Director, which allows him to post videos directly to Facebook, YouTube and Instagram from his smartphone. The 360fly 4K HD Video Camera brings voyages to life in a brilliant 4K, instantly shareable format that just might make Dad—or any adventure seeker—the next YouTube sensation.





Price: $500

Size: 61 mm sphere

Field of view: 240 degrees

Recording time: Up to 1.5 hours

Min. focus distance: 30 cm